Miami Valley Hospital Jamestown Emergency Center at 4940 Cottonville Road, Jamestown, Ohio.

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  • Apr, 02 2019
    Emily Gabbert
    I would give 0 stars if it were possible. The lack of beside manner shown from Dr. Reynolds was absolutely sickening. He was not respectful to me or anyone around me then proceeded to loudly make fun of another patient as well as said patients medication and diagnosis. Being visibly irritated with the Dr. the nurse apologized for him then informed me that he's "always rude" which I found even more appalling to know not only has it been noted but its ACCEPTED. It was terrifying to hear the same Dr. who had just examined me, loudly and recklessely, discuss another patient while out in the open with no concern for who would hear him. Needless to say I will be filing the proper complaints and not returning to this branch again, even if I'm dying. I wouldn't recommend anyone else to either unless you don't mind what is supposed to be your most protected information being criticized aloud by someone who is supposed to be a Healthcare Professional.
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